GreenSmart Failsafe Bypass / Diverter Valves

Code approved, compliant diversion solutions for all Alternate Nonpotable Water and Special Waste control uses

GreenSmart Sustainable water diversion systems are designed for all sizes of commercial and residential applications. Code approved, UPC / IPC.

All GreenSmart Diverters are IAPMO R&T tested for pressure, life cycle performance, materials, compliance to UL and ASTM Standards.

Complies with all New Green Building Codes, Universal Plumbing Code, California Plumbing Code regarding Rainwater, Greywater, and Alternate Non-potable Water Source Reuse applications.

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GreenSmart Diversion Systems Are Compliant

Greensmart Diverters are IAPMO R&T Tested, UPC/IPC Listed and Approved. They are available today, ready to be installed in your specific commercial or residential development.

Sustainability First

We are a company with fresh ideas. We are committed to finding and developing compliant sustainable solutions to help conserve and reuse one of our most precious and valuable resources, water.

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GreenSmart Rainwater Valves

GreenSmart series rainwater valves are designed for rainwater/storm water diversion purposes in Alternate Nonpotable Water Reuse systems where large flow rates are required. Not approved for sanitary drainage systems.

Compliance is Mandatory. Confusion Isn’t.

Our dedicated sales team at Weil Aquatronics is ready to help you get the right diverter solutions for your project.

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