In an effort to clarify the definitions, codes, regulations, and ordinances having to do with nonpotable water source applications – aka graywater (also spelled greywater), Garry Sato of Greensmart Sustainable Concepts has summarized all of the relevant information in to an easy to read guide.

“I have been focused on graywater plumbing since 2010 when I created a system to reuse water from my shower to water my landscape. Since that time plumbing codes have been established and updated, and there has been significant legislation created.” said Sato.

“It’s been a challenge for me to stay on top of everything…I can’t imagine that members of the plumbing and engineering trades have time to sift through all of the content to understand how it impacts their projects. So, I summarized the key components of the codes and legislation to make it easier to legally implement solutions.”

The Guide along with links to Graywater Organizations, Service Providers, Graywater Definitions and Plumbing Plans may be read and downloaded on the Graywater Plumbing Resources page.