GreenSmart 6″ to 12″ Rainwater Diverter Valves

GreenSmart series Rainwater diverter valves are designed for collection and diversion for Alternate Nonpotable Water Reuse systems where large flow rates are required.

Greensmart 6-12" PVC Rainwater Diverter

6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ Rainwater Diverter Valves

product overview

IAPMO tested and listed, IGC 352-18a. All valves are electric actuated, UL Approved low voltage 24vdc. Valves come with Fail-Safe rechargeable battery back-up as standard and can be wired to work with float switches, alarms, automatic diversion, control panels, LED’s, smart apps. Etc.

A debris-filtering device installed upstream from the valve maybe required. Check with your local authority having jurisdiction.

Product Information

ASTM D1784 / ASTM D2466 / ASTM D2467 / ASTM D2464 / ASTM F1498 / ASTM F439 / ASTM F437


ANSI B1.20.1/ANSI B16.5



GreenSmart Diversion Systems are Code Approved

IAPMO tested and UPC Listed for use through out the U.S.