Graywater Plumbing Resources

We have compiled information that will add to your understanding of  Graywater / Wastewater / Nonpotable Water Source Applications.

As you review these materials, keep in mind that GreenSmart Diverter Solutions Already Comply
With State and Local Codes Regulations, and Ordinances.

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Guide to Understanding Alternate Nonpotable Water Source Applications

A detailed list of sources, definitions, and key regulations, all in one place for easy reference. Review this information first.

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Graywater Codes & Regulations

Links to codes, regulations, ordinances, and guidelines for Graywater / Wastewater / Alternate Nonpotable Water Sources.

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Graywater Organizations and Information Resources

Links to overview information about graywater / water conservation and organizations that focus on water conservation, green plumbing, and drought.

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Graywater Service Providers

Links to businesses that provide services related to water conservation & code compliance: contractors, engineers, plumbers and landscape architects.

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Definition of Wastewater / Graywater

A list of the types of fluids that are considered graywater / wastewater and can be reused in various ways.

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Graywater Plumbing Plans

Conceptual drawings showing where GreenSmart diverters can be used in practical applications for water conservation.

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IAPMO tested and UPC Listed for use through out the U.S.

GreenSmart Diversion Systems are Code Approved