About GreenSmart Sustainable Concepts

We are about Water Sustainability in an era of climate change


Company Overview

What started off in 2010 as a garage project to build a device to collect shower water for the backyard garden evolved into an early pioneering effort in developing solutions to water sustainability and climate change.

By recognizing the need for executional, compliant, listed diversion solutions for water capture and reuse applications, GreenSmart has become a leader in this specialized field. GreenSmart has been working on an ongoing basis with testing, regulatory and code approval agencies in developing compliant diversion solutions for the commercial building industry.

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Meet the Founder – Garry Sato

Garry Sato arrived on the door step of the Water Reuse Ecosystem with a indirect and varied background and credits.  From rock & celebrity photographer, TV commercial advertisng director/camerman, big game long range & fly fisherman, food & wine taster, curious world wanderer, explorer of future trends, historical cultural culinary researcher, and serial tinkerer.

Family ties go back generations in agriculture, medicine, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.  College consisted of pre-med and commercial photography. Garry’s career started as a commercial photographer then transitioning on as a Director, Director of Photography, and executive producer of his own production company for many of the world fortune 500 companies doing their TV commercials.

The evolution to water conservation and re-use evolved from his experience creating visual effects concepts for his many beer and soft drink clients as well as  his family’s  background in agriculture.

Garry was asked to devise memorable, spectacular, eye-popping, appetizing liquid visuals that we all would still recognize over the last 30 years.  Armed with his experience in channeling and diverting liquids, Garry built a shower water diverter in the garage for his wife to divert the water to their fruit and vegetable garden.  This evolved into a new career of what is now become the Alternate Non Potable Water Source for Reuse industry, part of the world wide movement for water conservation.

Garry Sato

Founder, Chief Innovator at GreenSmart Sustainable Concepts

Garry Sato with the GreenSmart 12" Butterfly PVC Rainwater Diverter Valve

GreenSmart Diversion Systems are Code Approved

IAPMO tested and UPC Listed for use through out the U.S.

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