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GreenSmart Series Wastewater Diversion Systems

GreenSmart has developed a range of graywater/wastewater diverters for builders and developers to comply with larger residential and commercial installations.

product overview

In July of 2018, the California Plumbing Code established an expanded list of water sources intended to supply uses such as water closets, urinals, trap primers for floor drains and floor sinks, above and below ground irrigation, and other uses approved by the AHJ.1504.1 CPC. For a list of approved nonpoatble water sources see: Resources: Alternate Water Sources.

GreenSmart Diverters are IAPMO Tested and UPC Listed and compliant for all graywater and Alternate Water Sources for Non potable Applications, as referenced in Chapter 15 CPC, July 2018.

product specifications
Listing UPC, IPC
Standards IAPMO S 59-2016A
Body Material PVC, ASTM D 1784, NSF 16/61
Size Full Port 2″, 3″, 4″, 2″ 3-Way TKD – T Port Series
Pressure 232psi
Seals EPDM
End Connections Socket (IPS)
Ball Valve Weight (PVC) 2″ – 6.5lbs, 3″ – 9.5lbs, 4″ – 16.4lbs
Approval UL Approved E303174
Normal Voltage 24V ac/dc
Power Source To be powered by UL class 2 Power source supplied by installer
Absorbed Current 1.0A
Duty Rating 75%
Case IP 67, NEMA 44X  Indoor use
Aluminum Housing (full NEMA 4x) available from factory
Rotation 90 degrees
Manual Intervention Standard
Battery Fail Safe Available from factory
Torque Limiter Standard
Positioner Circuit Standard
Additional Free Limit Switches Standard
Cycle Times 2″ – 8 sec.
3″ – 9 sec.
4″ – 27 sec.
Actuator Weight 2″ – 5.7 lbs.
3″ – 5.7 lbs.
4″ – 5.7 lbs.
Position Indicator Light Circuit Standard, but internal to the actuator
Additional Information Can be wired and activated by toggle switches, float switches, timers, alarms, smart phone apps, and LEDs
Additional Free Limit Switches Standard

ASTM D1784 / ASTM D2466 / ASTM D2467 / ASTM D2464 / ASTM F1498 / ASTM F439 / ASTM F437


ANSI B1.20.1/ANSI B16.5


IAPMO PS-59-2016a

GreenSmart Diversion Systems are Code Approved

IAPMO tested and UPC Listed

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