GreenSmart Series Stub-Outs

In the State of California and much of the west, Greywater Ready Construction regulations are now being adopted for residential and non-residential construction.

Graywater Ready, simply means that all new construction must have alternate piping installed at the time of construction to permit the discharge from clothes washers, showers, bathtubs, and bathroom/restroom wash basins to be used for a future graywater recycle or irrigation system. All graywater systems shall be designed with an approved diverter valve to allow the user to direct the flow to the building sewer or the irrigation field. (California Plumbing Code 1502.1)

The point of diversion/Stub-out of graywater to the sanitary drainage system shall occur downstream of fixtures and traps and vent connections through an Approved diverter valve, (CPC 1502.2.3) and shall be accessible (as defined in Section 99.02.202) and provided with signage that is satisfactory to the Department.

The Diverter/Stub-out is installed in the open position to the sanitary sewer until the future irrigation/recycling system is installed.

Greensmart Series Stubout

3” – 4” Single Manual Diverter

product overview

GreenSmart has developed a range of IAPMO,UPC/IPC listed options for builders and developers to comply with new codes and regulations. GreenSmart Diverters and Stub-outs comply with the newest California Plumbing Codes. Chapter 15, Alternate Water Sources for Non-potable Applications.

GreenSmart Stub-outs have been IAPMO R&T tested and certified for for performance and materials. UPC Listed.

Having dual plumbed, approved plans, access equipment vaults, fixtures, and equipment installed or preplanned at the time of construction allows for easy future connection of graywater irrigation and NSF 350 recycling systems.

Product Specifications
  • 2″ 3-Way Manual PVC GTKDBV108*
  • 3″ Manual Single PVC GVEEAV110*
  • 4″ Manual Single PVC GVEEAV111*

* Can be converted with actuator in the future. Ask your rep for details.

1502.13.1 Future Connections.

Graywater Stub-out plumbing may be allowed for future connection prior to the installation of irrigation lines and landscaping. Stub-out shall be permanently marked “CAUTION: NONPOTABLE GRAYWATER, DO NOT DRINK.”


ASTM D1784 / ASTM D2466 / ASTM D2467 / ASTM D2464 / ASTM F1498 / ASTM F439 / ASTM F437


ANSI B1.20.1/ANSI B16.5


IAPMO PS-59-2016a

GreenSmart Diversion Systems are Code Approved

IAPMO tested and UPC Listed for use through out the U.S.