GreenSmart Wastewater Diverter valves have been specified and installed for use in the $1 billion Lucas Museum of Narrative Art at the Exposition Park in downtown Los Angeles.

The museum is being built by Star Wars creator George Lucas in partnership with general contractor Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company with Murray Company Mechanical Contractors specifying and installing the plumbing systems.  Its purpose is to inspire current and future generations through the universal art of visual storytelling. It is designed by the highly acclaimed Ma Tansong of MAD Architects and will feature new public green space, state-of-the-art cinematic theaters, numerous spaces for onsite education, restaurants, retail, and event spaces.

California is widely recognized as a national and world leader in water sustainability. Alternate Nonpotable Water Reuse is a requirement of Los Angeles County Water Conservation Ordinance 184248, which dictates that indoor plumbing fixtures shall use on site captured and treated rainwater, cooling tower water, and greywater, for air conditioning and landscape irrigation purposes.

GreenSmart, the recently approved Rainwater Diverter valves, are designed for collection and diversion for Alternate Non-potable Water Reuse systems where large flow rates are required. Reuse provides a reliable, local water supply that reduces vulnerability to droughts and other water-supply constraints. It can also provide economic and environmental benefits, for example, by reducing energy use, diversions from rivers and streams, and pollution from wastewater discharges. By using On Site Treated Alternate Non-potable Water in this project is an example of the Lucas vision of how Water Sustainability might be achievable in saving one of our most critical natural resources, water.

We are honored to be helping the Lucas Museum meet their obligations under LA’s Ordinance 184248.

Learn more about this project on the museum’s website.